Autowatts is a revolutionary cloud-based platform that allows auto dealers to bundle the sale of a plugin electric vehicle (EV) with the sale of a solar electric (PV) system to fuel it. The combination of these two technologies creates tremendous savings for EV drivers and entirely new, and lucrative, revenue opportunities for auto dealerships.

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Take Control - A Secure Energy Future

Last year, the average US driver spent over $200 per month on gasoline and it is expected that this number will exceed $350 per month in the next five years. Unpredictable political or military action could send costs skyrocketing even further. With the proliferation of electric vehicles it is now possible to not only free American drivers from the volatility of big oil, but with Autowatts, car buyers can buy all the fuel they ever need, for less than they are paying now and take control of their energy future.

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EV sales are growing

Motivated by government incentives and fuel economy mandates, all major manufactures are building more and more EV models each year. With ever-expanding options, potential EV buyers are enthusiastically consuming the available inventory in a rapidly maturing market. Customers are shopping around and simply having the vehicle in stock no longer seals the deal - buyers are looking for service and savings that differentiates. Autowatts offers both - a simple solution to the complex problem of fueling their new EV and tens of thousands of dollars in savings by driving on sunshine.

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A Product That Truly Sells Itself

With Autowatts' automated, web-based tool, F&I representatives require zero technical expertise to sell solar 'fuel.' Basic economics close the deal. Put simply, EV drivers save money, often from day one, by going solar. The barrier to entry for most is the complexity of the solar quote, the challenges of financing, and the painful, long-winded technical sale and transaction. Autowatts has fixed all of this with a lightweight, easy-to-use website - technology to the rescue!

Autowatts makes it easy for non-technical dealership personnel to make the solar offer. Forget about kilowatts, rate schedules, tax credits, or equipment. Autowatts calculates, explains and handles all the details. We also arrange the solar financing on the fly - dealers truly just present the results and collect commissions.

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Fast & Easy

Semi-automated setup and presentation takes 3 minutes

Integrated Software

Integration with DMS platforms makes preparation easy

No Technical Skills Req

Forget the kilowatts! Technical sales support available

Step 1

Export customer info from your DMS or enter manually

Step 2

Walk customer through presentation screen (2 minutes)

Step 3

E-sign agreement or let Autowatts handle the follow up

Huge Boost To Profitability

Research shows that 85% of EV customers are deciding to lease, not buy, their new car. Additionally, EV buyers are not responding to traditional F&I offers, leaving dealerships with little to no profit on this entire new category of vehicle. The revenue generated by just one Autowatts sale can bump this margin by 10X or more, exceeding the revenue traditionally associated with multiple F&I product sales. Though the Autowatts system is very sophisticated and complex, the math is easy - a two minute presentation can mean the difference between zero and thousands for both the customer and the dealership.

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