Take Control.
Install a Fueling Station on Your Roof. …

Last year, the average US driver spent over $200 per month on gasoline. That number is projected to exceed $350 per month in the next five years. Political or military action could send costs skyrocketing even further. It is time we take control of our fuel future — with Autowatts you can buy all the fuel you’ll ever need, for less than you’re paying now, and free yourself forever from the volatility of big oil.

Fill up on sunshine.
For Life.

Photovoltaic panels produce clean, efficient electricity for over twenty five years. Autowatts sizes a PV array to match driving habits and electric vehicle preference, arranges financing to match (or beat) current monthly fuel costs, and viola! sets America free from fuel costs for decades to come. Lease or buy a new car every three years? With Autowatts, in most areas of the country, after your Autowatts PV system pays for itself, as many as six of your next eight cars will drive on completely FREE solar power.

Everything In One Place.
Get Your EV PV PhD.

Solar is complicated. Electric Vehicles are complicated. Consumers have trouble getting clear answers or reliable, unbiased information on either. Car dealers and salespeople are challenged to find the support they need to maintain the levels of insight and service demanded in a mature and evolved industry. Aggregating all of the complicated, technical data from manufacturers, municipalities, and tax offices, as well as solar, geographic, and environmental databases, Autowatts provides an enlightening window into both the complicated world of PV and EV. With multiple software products running off of a centralized calculation engine, Autowatts serves drivers and dealers with unmatched insight and opportunity.

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